24 Hour Super Moon Poetry/Flash Fiction Contest

All artwork ©2014 Susan Warren Utley and Haunted Waters Press

Artwork ©2014 Susan Warren Utley and Haunted Waters Press

In honor of tonight’s Super Moon, Haunted Waters Press is hosting a 24 Hour Super Moon Poetry/Flash Fiction Contest! The winning entry will be showcased in the Fall 2014 issue of From the Depths. The contest begins at noon today! All entries must be received no later than noon on Monday, August 11th. Here’s how it works:

Submit works of poetry or flash fiction inspired by the artwork above and the Fall 2014 theme “The Space Between.” (See below.) Poetry limited to 40 lines including space between stanzas. Flash Fiction between 13 and 250 words. DO NOT INCLUDE: vampires, ghosts, murder, torture, or blood. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those—just not for this round.) As a reminder, we do not publish erotica, liberal use of profanity or sex, or works that are insensitive to cruelty involving children or animals.

How to enter:
Submit your entries via our online submission manager. All contributors will receive an automated reply acknowledging receipt of entry. Winning entry will receive additional correspondence. While we appreciate your generosity and support of the journal, Tip Jar entries receive no additional perks—all entries are judged on the merits of the work alone.

Link to Submissions:

The Results:
The winning entry will be announced on our Facebook page on or before Tuesday, August 12th 2014. The winning author will be notified by email with a link to the Author’s Agreement which must be returned within 24 hours of receipt. If the winning author fails to return the agreement within the allotted timeframe, a runner up will be selected.

Theme: The Fall 2014 issue of From the Depths will feature visually artistic works blending both the real and the fantastic to create a stunning and unique look at the ordinary. Explore the spaces between dreaming and waking, truth and fabrication, reality and illusion. Experimental literature, surrealism, and magical realism desired, but not essential. We seek a range of works from the sublime to the quirky, the nostalgic to the profound, the familiar to the distinctive and haunting.

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Wordless Wednesday

“Winter’s Barn” by AcrylicArtist courtesy of morguefile.com.

“Winter’s Barn” by AcrylicArtist courtesy of morguefile.com.

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Wordless Wednesday


Photography by Susan Warren Utley

(Okay just a few words: My photo of a Great Blue Heron as featured in the Summer 2013 issue of the Piedmont Virginian! Something to shout about even if it is Wordless Wednesday!)

Wordless Wednesday


Susan Warren Utley ©2011

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