Trash the Dress cont.

So this whole idea of Trash the Dress has really caught my attention. Why? Because after doing more research on the subject I have found that it is about so much more than the demise of an expensive dress. It is about commitment, love, courage, and most of all…art. The dress in most cases does survive. A little dirt, a little water, a little sand…no worries there, in fact many brides have encountered one or more of those elements unintentionally. Then of course there are the brides who take Trash the Dress to the extremes as it was meant to be. Full water immersion, mud bath, body painting and even fire are just some of the creative ways brides have shown their love and commitment to their men and their marriage. It is photographic evidence that clearly states, “This dress will not be worn again!”

Too much fun! Now I only need a willing photographer. My daughter has declined as she refuses to commit such a crime on a perfectly good wedding dress.


About Susan Warren Utley

Susan Warren Utley is a wife and mother living and writing in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Her stories are inspired by the unexpected twists and turns of real life and by her muse, a feisty Jack Russell Terrier who occasionally answers to the name of Lucy. View all posts by Susan Warren Utley

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