Savannah Renée Launches New Etsy Shop

Savannah Renée Etsy Shop

If you have an obsession with things that sparkle, a passion for all that glitters, or simply a desire for beautiful high-quality handcrafted jewelry at an affordable price then Savannah Renée’s new Etsy Shop is for you. This up and coming young twenty-something artist is just beginning to carve out her niche in the online community. Launched in late January of this year, the Savannah Renée Etsy Shop features some of the most unique and thoughtfully designed pieces. In addition to what you will find on her Etsy Shop, Savannah Renée welcomes custom orders. So if you see something you like but would prefer it in another color, Savannah Renée is prepared to accommodate. Want something completely different? Savannah Renée also designs unique one-of-a-kind jewelry for her most discerning buyers. (That would be you!) Quite simply, at Savannah Renée there is something for everyone.

Here is just a sampling of my personal favorites:

I have this one on custom order!


Envy Bracelet by Savannah Renee

This would have been perfect for my something blue!


Story by Savannah Renée

Late Harvest Earrings make me want a glass of wine!


Late Harvest Earrings by Savannah Renée

These Sophie and Olivia Earrings are simply elegant.


Sophie and Olivia Earrings by Savannah Renée

I hope my friend loves Rule Number 76 Earrings as much as I do.  Shhhh!


Rule Number 76 Earrings by Savannah Renée

Here is a great way to dress up your cork board!


So Savvy Pins by Savannah Renée


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