Top 10 reasons why I love being a Country Girl

My husband and I had one of the best days yesterday. Having spent most of Saturday running errands and doing chores around the house, we planned a Sunday of rest and relaxation. We got up early, poured our coffee and went out for our morning walk to the pond. We fed the fish and continued on to the river. As we admired our perfect little getaway, we noticed the grass was a bit on the high side and there were a few trees that could use trimming. We decided that it might be a good idea to get some mowing done as this might be our last opportunity for a couple of weeks. So we climbed the hill back to the house and loaded up tractor and trailer with lawn implements, a cooler and a change of clothes.

By 8:00 we were back down at the river mowing, trimming, and weed eating. Then we took a look at the fire pit which took quite a hit during the last round of flooding. I attacked it with a shovel digging out the center while the husband collected several 5 gallon buckets of river rock to line the interior. We even constructed a French drain of sorts. When we were satisfied with our repairs, we built a fire, roasted kielbasa on a stick, and enjoyed a cold beer. By this time it was almost 2:00 so we ventured out into the river to cool off. I spotted our resident bald eagle and discovered the perfect swimming hole. But it was the husband who won the treasure hunt for the day with a find of two golf balls and a piece of round tin that we have yet to identify. When the sky began to darken and we heard the distant sound of thunder we decided to call it a day.

Back at the house, after the trailer was unloaded and everything put away, we stood on the deck and let the rain wash away the dirt and sweat of the day. I spied a bottle of baby shampoo on the potting bench. We use it to bathe the dogs. My husband smiled at me as I worked my hair into a lather. Later, after watching a movie together, we went to bed early and he thanked me for a perfect day. It was perfect. As he drifted off to sleep, I listened to him breathing and reflected on the events of the day. Nothing spectacular, just a simple day in the life of a country girl and her husband.

So in honor of country living, today’s post is dedicated to:

The top ten reasons why I love being a Country Girl

     10.   Shampooing my hair on the deck during a rain shower.
      9.    Owning a dog leash and never having to use it.
      8.    Stopping for fast food means roasting a hot dog on a stick over
             an open fire.
      7.    Extreme gaming. (lawn darts, rocket launching, target shooting,
             and full auto paintball guns from the deck)
      6.    Working out does not require a treadmill or a gym membership, just
             a push mower, a weed eater, and a garden rake.
      5.    Civil engineering. (the building of stuff and the moving of rocks,
             trees, dirt and water)
      4.    Coming to appreciate the Power of Three. (a campfire, a hammock, and
             a long stretch of river)
      3.    Clothing optional.
      2.    Front row seats to the Firefly Orchestra.*
            …and the number one reason why I love being a country girl:
      1.    Peek-a-bears.

Feel free to comment and share your top reasons why you love being a Country Girl or for that matter, a City Girl. After all, life is what we make of it.

* The Firefly Orchestra is a little hard to explain. It’s something that really has to be seen to appreciate. At night on our property anywhere you plant your chair becomes a front row seat to the most amazing performance you will ever attend. As dusk settles the crickets begin to chirp, the night creatures scurry through the forest crunching leaves and cracking twigs, the frogs and toads begin their shrill mating calls, and the fireflies light up the forest from floor to ceiling. If you just kick back and relax, the fireflies flicker in and out and seem to dance to the sounds of nature. It is really quite amazing.


About Susan Warren Utley

Susan Warren Utley is a wife and mother living and writing in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Her stories are inspired by the unexpected twists and turns of real life and by her muse, a feisty Jack Russell Terrier who occasionally answers to the name of Lucy. View all posts by Susan Warren Utley

6 responses to “Top 10 reasons why I love being a Country Girl

  • austinisforlovers

    I don’t live out in the country anymore, but I sure miss a few things!
    Watching people in flip flops try to avoid cowpies in the dark at pasture parties.
    Horseback riding.
    Getting dirty.
    Boots being an every day, all occasion shoe.
    Chasing cows with four wheelers.
    Stars! Dang I really miss stars!

    And, the things I still get to enjoy:
    Sweet tea on the back patio.
    Driving a truck.
    That one pair of blue jeans you will wear until they fall apart.
    Random nature hikes through scattered green belts.
    Watching PBR, 8 Seconds and any John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movie you can get your hands on.

  • Margie

    I used to see fireflies when I was a kid, but haven’t seen them at our place ever. They are magic!
    I understand completely how work can be play. Nothing is better than the exhaustion that comes from a day of moving nature about.

  • taureanw

    Great post!
    Also that doesn’t sound much like a day of relaxation 🙂

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