Flash Friday: Backwoods by Kent Warren


This week’s Flash Friday features part one of author Kent Warren’s tale of suspense Backwoods. Kent lives with his wife Karin on five beautiful acres in southwest Washington. In addition to being a loving husband, father, and grandfather of three, he is a skilled builder, master inventor, expert marksman, true patriot, and a very talented writer. He is currently working on his first novel. Look for the continuation of Backwoods to be featured in next week’s Flash Friday installment on Creative Procrastination. Enjoy!

by Kent R. Warren

Part 1:

The blackberry vine lashed across my upper right arm as we were driving down the narrow path to the lower part of the property. It had caught on the front loader of the tractor where it stretched to its limit until it became natures barbed wire bullwhip. The pain was a 10 and blood flowed freely.

Jose’ was standing directly behind me on the three point and I had heard him scream about the same time I felt the gash open up on my arm. I looked around to see what the problem was and saw that the same vine had caught him about an inch above his right eye. Jose’ was bleeding like a stuck pig.

This was going well.

Some water and a couple of clean rags from my tool box and we would be good until we got back to the house.

I backed the tractor up to a large log, about 25 feet long.

Jose’ wrapped the chain around the log, stepped up onto the three point behind me and gave me the high sign. I put the tractor in low gear and began to move forward. Black smoke from the exhaust told me the Kabota was maxed out power wise and that perhaps we should consider cutting the log in half rather than trying to take the whole thing.

When the chain broke and the tractor lurched madly forward toward the creek bank, it occurred to me that Mr. Murphy of Murphy’s Law fame had not only come with us for this chore, but was indeed calling the shots.

I felt the cold water of the creek on my legs and the weight of the Kabota where it had rolled over and pinned them firmly in place.

I strained to turn enough to check on Jose’. He was only five feet away and looked to be ok, until I noticed the large bone protruding through his pant leg. And another sticking out his shirt sleeve.

My mind started to work.

My wife was visiting her mother in Oklahoma, Jose’ was intentionally hiding out with no family here, and no one knew what I had planned to do today. Not good.

“Hey boss?” Jose’ said.


“I can’t move boss, you?”

“I’m pinned under the tractor Jose.'”


“Hey boss? What if the bears come?”

“Oh, just play dead, or make a lot of noise, whatever.”

Actually I hadn’t even thought of that depressing aspect of our dilemma yet, but after living here for twenty years and not seeing a bear, I wasn’t too worried about that. I didn’t however, want to mention what I did fear, and that was the cougars. I’ve seen the cougars and they are more of a danger.

“Hey boss?”

“Yeah Jose’.”

“How long before they find us?”

Before I could answer with some upbeat nonsense, I heard the deep growl coming from a dark area of the woods off to my right.

Murphy, you son of a bitch.

to be continued…

Part 2

Part 3

Return next week for the continuation of Kent Warren’s Backwoods. To get Backwoods in your InBox simply subscribe to this blog. If you have a piece of short fiction you would like to see featured in a future installment of Flash Friday on Creative Procrastination, please send your submissions using the contact form below. While there is no word count minimum, please limit your submission to 1,000 words or less. Serial fiction will be considered.


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