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So this is just a gentle reminder that the content on my blog is protected under copyright laws. For permission to share, copy, print and/or distribute my work, please contact me with your intentions and I will provide you with information on attribution. If approved, please respect the original work, by making no alterations or derivative works without permission. Under “Fair Use,” you may quote small portions of my work for the purposes of review or commentary, but please provide attribution and a link back to the original material. When in doubt, just drop me a note!

My Blog
This is a personal blog and the content of this blog represents my thoughts, feelings and opinions at any given moment in time. I try to be honest and straightforward, but I am also a writer and as such some of what you may read might have a creative or fictional approach and therefore may or may not be a clear representation of who I am.
My Privacy
This blog exists for the sole purpose of making myself feel self-important and is a tool used primarily for avoidance of life and all that it demands. Stop by, read, comment, go away and come back again if you wish. If you don’t like what I have to say, if you find it boring, trivial or if it is simply not your cup of tea then by all means don’t come back. What I post here is all that I wish to make public, so please do not go all crazy stalker on me. I am, after all, No One Of Consequence.
Positive Feedback and Constructive Criticism
chat2.pngI appreciate reader’s comments, suggestions and especially their own take on things. I enjoy humor, satire and long walks in the park. If I am heading down one path, I don’t mind being pointed in another direction. As always, I graciously accept compliments and positive feedback. I also do not have a problem with criticism providing it is constructive and the intent is not malicious or nasty. I do screen comments and some will not be posted if I find them to be inappropriate, spammy, or not relevant to the topic of the post. If you elect to comment and I feel that your words warrant further discussion, please know that I reserve the right to copy and reprint your comment elsewhere in my blog in order to give it the full attention it deserves.
Will I Write You Back?
If requested, I will always attempt to post a response in a timely manner. Sometimes I will post a simple thank you for stopping by. I do like to follow links back to your site, so leave one if you have one. If I don’t respond, don’t think I am avoiding you, as the title of my blog suggests, I am probably procrastinating.
Thanks for stopping by. Blog Stats are key to my self-importance and justify the need for this blog.

© 2008-2013 (and beyond!) Susan Warren Utley

5 responses to “Good To Know

  • Rock The Boat

    Pleased to meat you.

  • janflora

    HI! i have been checking back here for an update…hope all is well and you are just overwhelmingly busy with a novel and a contract 🙂 happy 2009!

  • Ejspinn

    I was searching for pictures of Moundsville prison. I came upon your site and read your entire blog. Great reading, by the way.

    Could you send me an email, I have a question about your photos.



  • No One of Consequence

    I have a personal business connection with the US importer of Amdega and Machin Conservatories. It is a lovely product that was introduced here in the states over twenty years ago and they are becoming quite popular not only as additions to homes but as greenhouses and pool enclosures as well. I don’t own one but it would be nice to dream about.

    Of course I am always interested in new business opportunities. If you have something you think might be a good fit based on what you have read on my site please e-mail me!.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Jay

    hello ‘no one of consequence’:

    I would like to know what inspired you to write your piece on Amdega & Machin conservatories. Also, would you be interested in a job?

    Thanks, Jay

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