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I’ve been away for awhile now so I thought I would provide a quick update as to what I have been up to. I think my last post here was on January 4th. I have not been procrastinating, quite the opposite. Work has been busy in spite of the economy. My boss had hip surgery so has been out for a bit which has made me a very busy girl. I have also been working on our wedding site so that I could share some of the memories we created while in Hawaii. If you are interested you can find it at Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to ring in the new year. It has been some time since I wrote last…looks like I was just beginning NaNoWriMo…so here is a quick update:

Crossed the finished line on November 30th with just over 50,000 words. It was a struggle but I loved it. My third novel, currently titled Monarch, is a young adult suspense thriller with a bit of the supernatural thrown in.

Took a break from the novel on the 1st of December to prepare for our upcoming holiday.

Celebrated TGIO on the 6th with several authors from the Shenandoah Valley region.

Left for Hawaii on the 12th and met up with my family in Kona. We shared a fabulous house overlooking the ocean for two and half weeks. Went snorkeling for the first time, tagged along on a Marlin fishing boat and swam with giant manta rays.

On the 22nd of December I married my love on a secluded beach just north of Kona. The ceremony was beautiful and I was so glad to have my family there to help us celebrate.

We returned to Virginia on the 29th and unfortunately brought an unexpected souvenir home with us in the form of a virus. It is the 4th of January and Robert and I are still miserably sick but I think maybe we are on the upswing.

So that is all the energy I have for now. I hope to back soon! Thanks for checking in!

Trash the Dress by the Creators

In previous posts I have talked about a revolutionary photography movement that is sweeping the nation: Trash the Dress or TTD. The man who coined the term “Trash the Dress” and is affectionately known as the “godfather of dress trashing” is one John Michael Cooper. He and his business partner and wife, Dalisa Cooper, own a professional photography studio (and that is an incredibly understated description of what they do) in Las Vegas called altF. I recently obtained permission from Dalisa to post a few of their images here. I also want to direct you to a few places where you can find them on the web:

the BLOG of John Michael Cooper
alt F
very ALTF

On to the photos:






Trash the Dress cont.

So this whole idea of Trash the Dress has really caught my attention. Why? Because after doing more research on the subject I have found that it is about so much more than the demise of an expensive dress. It is about commitment, love, courage, and most of all…art. The dress in most cases does survive. A little dirt, a little water, a little sand…no worries there, in fact many brides have encountered one or more of those elements unintentionally. Then of course there are the brides who take Trash the Dress to the extremes as it was meant to be. Full water immersion, mud bath, body painting and even fire are just some of the creative ways brides have shown their love and commitment to their men and their marriage. It is photographic evidence that clearly states, “This dress will not be worn again!”

Too much fun! Now I only need a willing photographer. My daughter has declined as she refuses to commit such a crime on a perfectly good wedding dress.

Trash the Dress

So I stumbled upon a blog post where a bride-to-be mentioned trashing her dress after the ceremony. What is this, I thought? Well, quite simply, it is the bride trashing her dress for the sake of photography following the ceremony. The idea is that here you are with this fabulous wedding gown and what are you going to do with it? Take it to the cleaners, stuff it in a bag or a box, wait twenty or thirty years and drag it out for your daughter and hope that the style is still in fashion or that retro appeals to her? In my situation, my daughter is already a twenty-something and has very specific ideas about the gown she will someday wear so my dress will probably never be worn again. So why not trash it? You have made your commitment to you husband and you are not planning on wearing this dress again. So jump in a pool, let is drag through the dirt, take a stroll in the ocean, lie on the sand, sit on a rusty tractor, climb a tree, stand in a waterfall, have a snowball fight. The idea is to get a really great photo and make some wonderful and unique memories. I’m in!

So I did go the the WordPress blog of the official Trash the Dress site. They are moving to a new site so soon you will be able to locate them at Trash the Dress. Now let me caution you before you go tripping through their posts on the blog: The idea is fantastic! The problem is the blog seems a bit tough to navigate. I was excited to jump over there and really see some down and dirty brides trashing their dresses. What I saw on the front page was some really beautiful photography and links to photographers all over the country. I followed some of the links at the top of the page but again really stunning photos but no mud, no dirt…a little sand and a little water. Hardly trashing!

Apparently the founder of “Trash the Dress” photo sessions is a photographer by the name of John Michael Cooper in Las Vegas. If you want to see more dress trashing just do a google image search for trash the dress!

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